Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Une mise à jour bridgeman

Well well well, I'm in the middle of my second week at the Bridgeman Art Library and I'm still very much enjoying it.

This week, due to picture research, I have been learning about our British Empire (and much more). Now most of you are sitting there thinking I did that for GCSE/A levels whatever it may be, but considering I did not do history even for GCSE's I may be a little behind than some! However, I have found it to be rather interesting, learning from the Caribbean sugar plantations to the Opium wars. Now why could they not make history interesting back in school?
But all this picture research is for the Scholars Resource website where sets of Bridgeman art works (amongst other vendors) are put together for universities and schools. This Friday I will be in a conference call with a lady from the website, so hopefully I have been doing things the right way!

Today I also pulled some pictures from our archive for the National Gallery to use within lectures they hold. I also submitted my ideas for future Bridgeman apps, which I hope that one idea might be successful! I will at least be keeping my thinking cap on.

On top of this I have also been asked to extend my stay and take on a role to cover the Managing Directors PA. Hopefully I do a good job and prove myself!

Excuse me if I got the title wrong, I don't speak French, but I do use google translate tools!

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