Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Une mise à jour bridgeman

Well well well, I'm in the middle of my second week at the Bridgeman Art Library and I'm still very much enjoying it.

This week, due to picture research, I have been learning about our British Empire (and much more). Now most of you are sitting there thinking I did that for GCSE/A levels whatever it may be, but considering I did not do history even for GCSE's I may be a little behind than some! However, I have found it to be rather interesting, learning from the Caribbean sugar plantations to the Opium wars. Now why could they not make history interesting back in school?
But all this picture research is for the Scholars Resource website where sets of Bridgeman art works (amongst other vendors) are put together for universities and schools. This Friday I will be in a conference call with a lady from the website, so hopefully I have been doing things the right way!

Today I also pulled some pictures from our archive for the National Gallery to use within lectures they hold. I also submitted my ideas for future Bridgeman apps, which I hope that one idea might be successful! I will at least be keeping my thinking cap on.

On top of this I have also been asked to extend my stay and take on a role to cover the Managing Directors PA. Hopefully I do a good job and prove myself!

Excuse me if I got the title wrong, I don't speak French, but I do use google translate tools!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bridgeman Art - Bonjour

This is the end of my second day at Bridgeman and so far so good. At this moment in time I am trying to find a part of my brain that will help with creative app making. I will keep you updated.. We are very much at the starting line with this. Hopefully we can kick off something amazing!

I have also been doing other little tasks here and there but currently I am mainly supporting the Bridgeman education department. It is early days at the moment so not a whole lot to report, other than I am a happy bunny! It is not everyday that you work alongside some amazing people, and the amount of French spoken in the office it will not surprise me if I am soon fluent.

Au revoir!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Quick update

After much hard work at university a very welcome break came along. Last weekend my family jetted off to Jersey for my cousins wedding, despite weather reports it turned out to be a lovely day.

After a great weekend, the start of the next weekend was to bring even more good news. Our final (but still provisional) results were available, and if my maths is correct I should be walking away with a 2:1. Very pleased indeed.

Now, to write on this blog I have interrupted my packing, which is taking awhile, for staying with my sister for the next month whilst I am at my placement at the Bridgeman Art Library, which I am very much looking forward to! So if I can I will try and regularly update my blog on my time there. Stay tuned...

Monday, 16 May 2011


Well I got my third and final book today. I was nervous and felt rather nauseous, but I am really pleased with the final product.. Lets just hope those who are marking it feel the same!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


My books arrived today, whilst at uni in a review, oh how it was exciting/nerve racking thought to be coming home to them.. only I didn't. But don't fret, because it is with the neighbours. Only for them to not answer their door all afternoon or evening! I want my packages. Where are they? Hopefully they didn't go away on holiday this afternoon.. However I must say one thing I can be impressed about is the speedy delivery, hopefully I can be just as happy with the rest of it! (Sorry for the poor quality of blackberrys mobile cameras!)

Funnily enough, as I was typing this and having a whine, guess who knocks on the door, my neighbour. My oh my how happy I am with the books. I haven't finished the project yet, but how it has spurred me on to continue what I am doing. Which means the study will look even more like a bomb site in the next few days. I am literally surrounded by books and loose photographs. All a methodical mess I must add! (I never understood this till university happened).

Well I promised some photographs so here is a little taster of the books.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Slog

Ah hello. Today has been (and still is till about 10 o'clock tonight) spent slaving over the computer again, with photoshop and InDesign. Oh how I love them but resent them right now. Here is a lovely picture taken with my mobile of my work 'desk'.

As I'm scared of my work going horribly wrong at the moment I will promise to show you the final products, providing my books arrive in time for my final hand in...otherwise I do not know what I will do... Slip away into abyss or cry forever, turn around and run away screaming from university, I don't know, but I'm sure it would be really dramatic and then I'l be embarrassed by it all.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Oh wouldn't it be nice

For a photographic blog I apologise again for the lack of imagery! In the last week I have not left this house, unless it was to go food shopping, or pick my mum up from the train station, or enjoy a spot of lunch in the garden. Otherwise, 10-5, gradually becoming 9am-9pm and even later, I am welded to my laptop with InDesign and Photoshop. So much so that I think my forefinger and middle finger on my right hand have become worn down, not joking. Colours have also started to blend, focus has started to soften and white balance and all that has begun to p*** me off. It's also annoying that viewing a laptop screen out in the sun is just not possible.. Hopefully the weather will hold out for when I do have some time to do nothing!

Sorry that this is short and sweet, but for now, I must try and relax, unwind and forget. 

Happy Easter!